Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jake, My little helmet head.

When Jake called to tell me about his knees I was SO mad! How many times have we been to the ER together? How much of my life am I going to spend sitting in an ER. My personal hell is sitting and sitting and sitting and waiting and waiting. Plus, Jake and I always end up arguing about anything or something. After I had time to reflect and think about it, I really decided that I just love my son and although we both could live without him getting injured, it really isn’t a surprise.
Jake came into this world under dramatic circumstances and right away (in uteri) gave me grief. The cord was wrapped around his neck so many times that when I had a contraction his heart rate would go down into the 30’s. That is bad, but really bad for babies. After laboring intensively laying on my side in the one position that his heart rate wouldn’t dive he finally arrived via emergency c-section and boy was he pissed!
As he grew up he was always getting hurt. We called him helmet head because of all the falls on very hard surfaces and the lack of injury. I was a master of the art of concussion and watching for problems. This was also my pre-nurse years. When he was 14 months old he pulled the oven door down and promptly stuck his hands on it. I happen to be cooking at the time and he burned his hands pretty bad. That started a trend of broken bones and stitches. Lynne (Bill’s late mother) use to marvel at how Jake couldn’t walk a straight line and would run circles around her and everyone else.
Although I have stopped counting my trips to the hospital and the many injuries incurred while participating in his beloved sport of skateboarding, I am coming to appreciate that there is nothing I can do at this point and the best that can be done is to love him. I might throw in a little therapy and a lot of tough love, but I think while he’s a gimp I will just refrain from tripping him.
Love you Jake

P.S. He doesn’t read my blog. Ever. Hehehe

Blog on.