Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June Birthday Party!!

June is the time of year that we have three birthdays in our new little family.

Logan, Daniel and Me.

So we got together and celebrated in style with lots of BBQ, laughs and presents!!

I love this card I got. Reminds me of my wedding.

Before dinner chit chat and Chris taking pic's while Austin is averting his eyes! hehe

Logan's Birthday!! He seems OK with his loot!

Daniels present was complicated. Matt and I bought him a snowboard. I didn't want to wrap it up, then he would know what he was getting. SO, I grabbed a bunch of boxes and filled them with just a lot of stuff. A couple of books, magazine, two can's of green beans. Then I was in my room and threw in a couple of pairs of shoes, my swimsuit and a sweater and jacket. I even threw in a purse. I even gave him a thanksgiving card. In the bottom of each box was a note that said, "This is not your present", or "Wow, you need to stay out of my stuff!". Only Matt knew what I was doing and frankly I came up with it last minute and as I woke up from a night shift.

The very last gift was a handwritten poem:

Night Shifts are Red

The next day I'm blue

I can hardly see the presents I wrapped for you

A really big hug and a kiss on the cheek

May convince me to remember the present that's neat!

He was confused and then so excited!! It was the best gift trick I have done.
Rachelle provided me with a princess crown and stick (?).
WHO'S the princess NOW!!! hehehe
I had a wonderful time, some great gifts. One of my favorites was the dog that goes into my usb port and just humps the computer. HILARIOUS!!

Of course, a family party wouldn't be complete without a collage a'la Pud!
Isn't he the cutest?? I gave him an empty tube from the wrapping paper and then he got into the cupboard and walked around with a can of refried beans. He makes us smile!
I love my family and we have such a great time together!! All my kids are wonderful people and great to be around. Matt did a wonderful job of putting it all together and cooking some "kick ass" BBQ!!! I sure do love him dearly!
oh...and me.
But that is a blog, in and of itself!
blog on....

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