Friday, July 17, 2009

Daniel's Concert July 09

For the past 3 or 4 months, Daniel has been attending the Wasatch Music Coaching Academy down by Trolley Square. He started out with just once a week private lessons and then about a month ago he joined the Tuesday night band. Last Wednesday evening was their concert and Daniels first time with the band performing. They had it at a little venue that encouraged new bands and kids to put on concerts. The concert itself was amazing!! The music was much better then I thought it ever was. One of the more experienced bands even played some original music.

Here are the pics and video from that night.

Yes, I am WELL aware that I am not that great at pictures AND I need a video camera. I took the videos with my regular camera.

I love this guys Tshirt. NIGHT NIGHT SUCKA!

This girl was hilarious! Her facial expressions were priceless! Plus she had a sweet bass guitar that she played VERY well.
I watched the owner of this camera use it. I HEART this camera!!


The kids playing on Daniels right is his best friend since 3rd grade, Evan. The girl that was singing was absolutely amazing! She was the perfect "angry rocker" singer!

Daniel was pretty nervous. I know you can't see his face well, but I can guarantee you he was so dang cool!! He is so relaxed on stage - even though he is nervous.
I am going to post the videos later. I can't seem to get it right. Grrrr.

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