Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nerd Alert!!

I have had a locker at work for ...well....since I started there. I put a few things in it and probably didn't open it for a year. In the last while I have decided to do what we are suppose to do and change into hospital scrubs when we get there. This way, if I get unseemly, disgusting bodily fluids on me during patient care, I am able to change. It also clears the way for me to hop up to the OR if I need to accompany a balloon pump or something.


The locker became a problem when it's disorganization caused an alarming fall out (literally, on the floor) when I opened it every morning. My little organizing mind started thinking of all the cute locker stuff they have for kids now. Then, on my last trip to a store I rarely go to and will not mention OR promote on this blog, they had all the locker organizer stuff on sale and I purchased a little bit of heaven for my poor messy locker.

I feel great just looking at it. What is all that?? I thought you'd never ask. There is my jeans, of course, that I wore to work. My CCRN book under my jeans. It's a great reference book when someone asks me a question that I have NO idea what the answer is. Plus, I may take the test someday. I have lotion, toothpaste and static guard in the back. My scrubs tend to stick to my compression socks and then I am mocked endlessly. The static guard helps, but then, I don't really care.

The top shelf has all my ACLS and Critical Care reference books. It also has some info on operating some of the machines we use and a cheat sheet I made for when I go to the OR with a balloon pump.

I will pause for a quick explanation: A "balloon" is med slang for an IABP, or Intra Aortic Balloon Pump. It is this long hot dog lookin balloon that is threaded up into your aorta to help augment the heart when your heart is shitty. In order for them (CT surgeons) to do that, they must have an SICU nurse in the OR to run the balloon. That in and of itself isn't too bad, especially once you do it a couple of times. It's all the assholes........errr...........opinions from the peanut gallery that get you flustered. I've had 4 people standing behind me telling me what to do before I can even see a full strip across the screen! Annoying. Thus..the cheat sheet. First, it tells me to never listen to the perfusionist and second, gives me timing hints. Amen.

Above the top shelf is an umbrella, a bag of bags and of course, some gas ex. The best of the best is the magnetic organizer on the door to keep my pens and drug reference book.

I am the biggest nerd I know...for being so cool!

Blog on......

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