Monday, July 13, 2009

Lake Powell, June 09

It only took me a good week on the computer getting these pictures together! Once I had the ones I wanted and edited, I couldn't get them to download. Thankfully, that problem resolved itself and today I was successful!

There is actually about 4 blog posts to cover the whole trip. We had such a great time. Sami and Daniel left Monday morning early with most of my family. Jake, Matt and I along with my brother Mark showed up on Thursday morning. We had to work and Mark had to take a test for school.

Unfortunately we were unable to spend time with my brother, Brad and his family. They left just before we showed up on Thursday. They only had a few days at the beginning of the week to be there. We joined my mom and dad, Cari and Cody and their kids, Dylan, Alec, Emily and Matthew. Marks wife Christie was already there with their two kids Abby and Jack.

It was a great time. Although my activities were limited with my foot hurting, I read the first two books in the Twilight series while I was there. I had promised Sami I would read them and I did. I finished the last two within a couple of weeks.

There was a lot of time spent boating, tubing, wake boarding, fishing, playing games, reading and EATING!

Big thanks to my sister Cari and her husband Cody for letting us come spend time on their houseboat. Really big thanks to my dad for footing most of the cash for our food and gas!

Here is pics of Emily and Sami tubing. They loved it! I got these pics while I was standing on the houseboat watching. I try to avoid going on the boat when they are pulling the tubes, it makes me puke. Next time I will suck it up so I can get pics of Daniel too. Jake was prohibited from any shenanigans - with his knees and all.

Matt brought along his "tackle box" and a couple of poles and enjoyed some fishing off the back. I think just about everyone tried it. Jack LOVED running onto the back to see whatever fish anyone caught. He even touched one! One of the fish had the teeth of Jaws!! It's kinda creepy when you think about it!


Matt and Daniel on the back of the houseboat fishing.

Jack showing me his shells while supervising the fishing.
I was just hanging out with the boys, watching and reading.

Sami, texting. Does it ever end?

Daniel and the hair do I came up with to keep his hair out of his face. Looking really cool in Cody/Cari's boat. I can't wait until it's long enough we can just pull it back.

Matt chilin on the boat.

A small example of the foodstuff set out for one meal. We didn't starve, by any stretch of the imagination. It was delicious too!

Princess "always first in line" Sami. Daniel, I think he's annoyed there.

Model-esqe don't you think?

Fun pics with my family!!! Just before bed, hangin out!

Sami just after her bath. Weirdos! All of us.

Ohhh...he's a hottie!

Classic attitude!

Jake and Dylan on the back fishing!

Sami and cousin Emily.

Blog on....

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