Friday, July 10, 2009

I am sick of my left foot!

My insert final fitting was last month. I do love the inserts and they really do help the pain. I went to Lake Powell and was unable to wear my shoes for most of the trip and my foot is not feeling very good right now. I can't tell what the problem is. It doesn't hurt in shoes, but any barefoot is very painful. Today I am getting a mani-pedi, which means a day in flip flop. It may be an ibuprofen day!!

My shoe inserts.
In order to wear shoes all the time I bought me a pair of "house shoes". They are from the clearance rack at Famous Footwear and they are a men's shoe. I love them and they are comfortable, but wearing shoes in the house goes against everything! I feel claustrophobic and more clumsy then usual when I wear them. I have to say, that my foot loves them and when I'm doing lots of housework they are a life saver.

Will this drama never end???
I may turn into a pirate first!
Blog ON........

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