Monday, July 13, 2009

Girls on a boat!

On the last day of our trip, when it was time to pack up, the girls stayed behind on the beach to bring the speedboat back to the dock once the houseboat was taken care of. The boys stayed on the houseboat and cleaned as it drove to the dumping (ew!) and gas station.

It was tough work for us gals, but someone had to do it. Plus, three of us got some sweet french braids!

What is THAT?? hehehe

We were docked at the store to get Emily's birthday present and some ice cream!
Yummy!! I had to crop this picture with my sister. The full body version just wasn't that great for me.

Sami self portrait. Sami and Emily Mommy - Daughter

Captain Cari and Emily Sami and I

Following the houseboat in to dock.

Cody called us and asked us to pick up this lost buoy. We did and I'm not sure if we committed a misdemeanor or it was a "finders-keepers" issue. It was handed safely over to Cody to use it at the dock. Where it probably came from anyway.

Woohoo! Great time!
Thanks Cari! I love you like a sister!
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