Monday, July 13, 2009

Ode to the Eliminator!

Over 25 years ago my dad bought this Eliminator ski boat. I would guess that one would "ode" something because it was now gone. I am "ode"ing the Eliminator because it is still here! My dad and my brothers have put a lot of man hours and love into this boat. They even through in a tower. I still love the way it looks on the water and the way it runs like a kitten. I don't know if my dad would agree about this post. He is the one putting all the sweat and KACHING!! into it. I know it has had at least one new motor. But, it has been loved and well taken care of. Most of the interior and all the paint is original (exception is the occasional touch up). The colors have even gone out of style and back in! Goes to show you, taking care of something can make it last for a long time OR as my dad use to say (about my car), "a clean car lasts longer then dirty one".

Big thanks to my brothers and especially my dad. My dad has taught me so much about life. I am honored to be his daughter. His generosity and hard work are unmatched, even at his age. As long as he stays off ladders, roofs and general high spots that he is not safely restrained from falling off of, I am a happy happy daughter.

I guess I should have called it "Ode to Bob".

My dad getting ready to take pictures, while my brother Mark drives and his son Jack rides shotgun.

I love the way it looks coming around a corner!
All my kids took their first boat rides in it when they were just babies.

Some day I will scan all my old pics and have a montage of pics instead of having only recent ones from.

Thanks MATT for taking these great pics!
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