Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Post Previews; maybe.

I hate it when I follow a blog and there is FOREVER no post!!
Guilty as charged!
My only excuse is 4 days in Powell and then coming home to work for a week straight. Today I feel as if I forgot to step out of the way as a truck went by. Work is certainly a very physical job, if nothing else.

So here is a little preview of some posts I'm thinking about:

JAKE: Time heals all wounds.

Little Man Hancock-Taylor
June 20, 2009

My brother Dave and his wife, Melissa, welcomed their new son! Little Man isn't his name, but I haven't heard of what their final choice is. I want him to be Ben. I don't think that's going to happen.

LAKE POWELL: Good clean fun and frolic.
Sami and I on the houseboat. Yeah, that's a Twilight book in my lap. I promised Sami that I would read them a year ago. I started on a Thursday in Lake Powell and was done with the first three books before I went back to work the next Tuesday.
MATT: His previous life as a drummer.
I LOVE that shirt. Oh, and the man in it!!
Thanks to Chad for the pic.
blog on....

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