Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plane Pics

July 19, 2009
The first morning we were there, we picked up Nate and went for a great ride in his plane. Nate use to fly for "Canyonlands Tours", so we got the full sport package and lots of info. I wish I could remember the names of everything I saw, but I do know it was all so very beautiful!! For my first time in Moab, what a great way to start out the trip.

Early morning Moab Airport. Tired Matt! Nate is doing the plane checks. It takes a lot longer then you would think. I certainly appreciate his thoroughness!!

Daniel went with us and Sami stayed at the hotel and slept in. She needs her beauty rest. Nate only has enough headphones for three. Matt had to go without the delightful commentary.

I called "shotgun". He he.

I actually did very well on this flight. I didn't get sick at all. Daniel didn't get sick either. He actually loves it, which is surprising. He didn't even like being thrown in the air as a young kid.

I guess maybe it was too early for Daniel. The other pic is the barf bags. Collected throughout the world airways!

Nate showing Matt something and my self portrait. I feel so pilot-esque!

Our pilot. I didn't get his face, he was paying attention to flying, silly pilot.

I love this arch! We flew all the way around it.

Flying around and going over Moab city.

Can you believe how lucky?? I was in awe as we took in the sites and enjoyed the plane ride. Big thanks to Nate for showing us around and taking us up in his plane!


  1. You guys do some really cool stuff, that looks like it was amazing!

  2. You guys do some really cool stuff. That looks like it was a blast!!