Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation Vacation Vacation!

Well, We are back from the annual Flaming Gorge trip!
It was great fun. A small crowd, but a fun one! This year Sherrie and Art joined us with Sherries daughter Amber. I have known Sherrie for about 10-11 years but hadn't seen her in about 8, it was great to see her and Amber and get to know Art. Good times! Austin also joined us this trip for the first time.
Camping really is a blast and I like to consider that I am still camping even though I am staying in a motor home. We don't use the shower or the stove! I did use the microwave once, but the A/C was NEVER turned on. At least not this trip.

Where are all the pics? You ask.

I am still working on the Moab pics. I am on the homestretch for those. A beautiful place like Moab with as much stuff as we did equals over 300 pictures. I have it down to about 200 pictures and that's as few as it will get. Now I am making some collages and sorting the pics and will start posting a few at a time, probably tonight. Flaming Gorge pics will come after that. It overwhelming sometimes! I wish that the Picasa upload for BLOG worked better. My life would be easier!

Blog on!........

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