Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Winter 2000
Trevor, Stace, me, Katie and Jacob. Gary was taking the picture.

10 years ago this winter, I decided to take up a few friends and try out some snowmobiling. I hadn't been very much for years. I was always stuck at the cabin taking care of my little ones while others went. Plus, I was unsure of myself since it had been so long and when that happens I just get too nervous to go.

Since my divorce I've become amazingly independent and confident. So off we went, me and my friends, to check out some sledding.

Ten years later I am packing to go on our TENTH annual trip. Gary and I have been the staples of the trip. We always go. We have had large groups, small groups, in between groups. Lately it's been the same group and we've fallen into a comfortable but exciting trip.

I hope that we can continue to do this for years and years and years! Big thanks to my parents for providing us with a great cabin and some sleds for the fun!

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