Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anniversary getaway or The Palmolive fiasco!

Last night Matt and I went up to Park City to stay at the SUNDIAL lodge at the Canyons. Matt had arranged a nice room, breakfast and skiing passes for the next day. How romantical! He even asked for a room with a jetted tub...giggity giggity! I love my husband!

We stopped at the factory stores on the way up and he bought me some hot jeans at Lucky Brand. We also bought some cookies, shoes and a few shirts. I love going to Izod. I want to be a golfer after I leave there. Their outfits are so dang cute and i could go CRAZY!

While checking into the SUNDIAL, they had a mix up on our reservations. Then we went to our room and the inside lock was closed and we had to wait - in the hall - 45 minutes for the right maintenance man to finally show up and let us in. The good news, I got a high score on my Tetris game! YES!

That done, the room was a nice 2 room suite with a little kitchenette. That was about the time the front desk figured out their mistake and let Matt know that YES, he had already paid for the lift tickets.

Off we go to dinner, it was great, good service.

Back to our room, we decided to have a bath, together. I wanted to soak for a few minutes and so I put a itty bitty squirt of the Palmolive dish soap in the water. Palmolive that I found under the sink at the hotel.

............the bath.......... (details of which are kept secret, but there was no bruises or harm done to either participant or surrounding drywall)

I must note, the jets didn't work. We turned them on and they kinda pulsated - in a bad way - so we turned them right off.

It's nine o clock at night and there is a knock on our door. There is a leak downstairs in the rental shop, and all the water is bubbly. They check out the tub, apologize and leave. They even put a note under our door, apologizing.

ELEVEN at night - another knock at our door. The security guard and some guy in a suit. They want our statements of what happened and to put a 500.00 hold on our credit card. WHY? Well, apparently, putting dish soap in a jetted tub is using a jetted tub irresponsibly. What the???

I wouldn't fill out the form and told Matt we were leaving and getting an attorney. Actually, I went off on the little shits and stomped off! Kinda like I did years ago when the cops came to a house where some friends and I were hot tubing and told us we were being too loud. Jumped right out of the tub, buck nekkid, and stomped past the cop. So I have a history with cops and bubbly bodies of water.

Matt took over and I sat on the couch giving the evil eye. Matt is so smart and so calm, it's freakin amazing. He talked on the phone to some management guy and agreed to the deposit and then we left.

It's almost midnight and we packed up and left the SUNDIAL hotel. We will fight charges later and Matt has yet to find out if the Palmolive actually caused a massive leak in the tub in the span of a 20 minute bath. (that was their theory)

Of course we won't have to pay if something else was broken. Stay tuned....

Although our weekend plans together changed, I can't imagine having that experience with anyone else or being with anyone else. We will definitely plan another weekend getaway soon!

Just wanted all to know, if you go to the SUNDIAL lodge at the Canyons, you could be paying for their repairs.

Oh and, Happy Anniversary to us!!!

Blog on..........

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