Monday, March 8, 2010

A friend of mine asked her friends to look up what the moon phase was when they were born. I am doing anything to put off running and organizing, so I spent some time looking it up and looking up all my kids. I was born in a waxing moon and my kids were 1 waning moon, 2 waxing moons and a full moon (Daniel). Although, I wonder how accurate they are since I have never technically gone into labor and actually picked Daniel's birthday 4 months before he was born.

I know mine is accurate. According to my mom, I was 2 weeks late and it was a hot hot summer. Just like me to stay in the cool comfortable climate at the suffering of others. My dad was in a hurry because he had a meeting. That was in the days when they knocked the mother out and dad sat in the waiting room with other dads. I think my dad would go crazy if he had to actually take family leave and stick around like they tend to do these days. He probably would have thrown us in a front pack and gone to the meeting anyway. I love my dad - good work ethic!! the subject - kind of.
So, I was interested in looking at my "Moon sign". Here is an explanation of moon sign from a great website i found.

What is a moon type?

Nearly everybody knows his
"zodiac sign" or sun sign, but not that many their moon sign and their moon type. The zodiac sign of of a person it is the sign, in which the sunstood at birth. This is what you perhaps look for in the horoscope pages of the daily paper. This sun sign stands for the "male" part of the human being. But there also exists a "female" side - that is, what the moon sign stands for. The moon sign or the moon horoscope betrays a lot about our conscious and subconscious emotional world. Some things, which remain inexplicable by viewing just the zodiac sign, find their solution by taking into account the moon sign. Have fun in your exploration!
P.S. The moon sign is neither the "zodiac sign" nor the ascendant, which it has been mistaken for once in a while.

If I haven't lost you yet - the whole point was, that my moon sign is Virgo and when I read it, I thought to myself, how frickin' accurate!!!

Here it is:
Virgo - Moon type
The reasoning Virgin - moons are efficient, practical people. Not only in their household but also in their emotional word everything is put in order. All is planed in fine detail; they feel uneasy if they have to leave anything to chance. They are always helpful, even unselfish when they can help others. They are excellent in counseling and comforting and enjoy the feeling of being needed by somebody. They don't like showing their own feelings even though it would be good for them. They enjoy working "behind the scenes". Virgin - moons types perceive details and are fond of them. They can work on them with great care and perseverance. In the negative case their perfectionism obstructs their ambitions; a nagging character trait becomes visible. Frequently they are good cooks, who not only take into account the taste but also a healthy life style.

Cool eh? Although I think it's a little heavy on the "unselfish" and light on the "bitchy, loud" part of me. I guess that is the Gemini twin part of me.

I thought it quite interesting and it gave me another 30 minutes of wasted time!

I will post more pics and updates about the whole fam damily soon. Things are great and wonderful and somehow the planets are aligning for us!!

See next post, or post before this.

Blog on....

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