Monday, March 8, 2010

Planets aligning over the Brimley-Rydman camp.

Shooting Wader porn at Cabella's

Things are going well this week!

Jake landed a full time job working in a group home.
Austin has a test date for the Electricians Union.
Sami is only one more step away from being able to go to the DMV and actually have a drivers license.
I have a job interview tomorrow for a PRN job in another ICU in another hospital. That basically means I continue to work my 75% at the U, which is about 10 shifts a month. Then I go work at another ICU 4 or 6 times a month and make MORE money because they don't have to give me benefits. I.E. Bringing Matt and I closer to our financial goals and more SHIT! bahahaha
Daniel is just awesome bringing total awesomeness to our family. He cut his hair. I like it, he hates it, but it was his idea.
Matt gets to hire people to help him - OK I'm reaching here - but he is just totally fantastic on a daily basis. We did go to Cabella's and score me some waders and boots. He likes it when I dress like that! I'm excited for a little more fly fishing! Especially when I have those super wonderful new lightweight boots and not Matt's old drowning cement boots!

We haven't heard much from the girls - well I haven't. As far as I can tell, things are going great. Rachelle is still looking for full time work and I know that Corinne is waiting to hear from Westminster to see if she landed a sweet scholarship that will take her back to school!!

Pud scored a new sweet life jacket from us. It has a cool collar that won't scratch his chin. It's our way of saying - you will give up your son to go boating with his grandparents!!

Have a great one!!

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