Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sifting through my past

I am rummaging through all my storage. The storage that I threw up above the garage and haven't looked at in almost 7 years. Matt and I brought it down and now I'm going through it little by little. It is a pretty tough task. The memories of having babies and young kids. My childhood and the mementos I have accumulated. I actually have a box filled with notes that me and my friends passed around in high school. I am finding things that will help me in putting together my own history. I tend to start a journal and then space out and not write for a while. I am starting to accumulate all those thoughts into one box.

Today I decided that I wanted to wash all my old doll clothes. They were in a box in the garage for probably 3 years and frankly I think there was some mouse poop in the bottom of the box. After gathering them all up, I washed them, dried them and then sat down to fold them. Every tiny piece of clothing brought back a flood of happiness. I remembered them all. All the little blankets and dresses and blankets that had matching dresses. My mother was and still is a great seamstress and I saw her touches in all those doll clothes. I couldn't believe how wonderful I felt and how much I felt like bringing up the dolls and dressing them, wrapping them in their little blankets. I also found one of my head scarves from when I was a kid. My sister, LeAnn and I had matching ones for Easter. I put it on. Matt called me Aunt Jemima. That's gonna cost him!

This experience, in some ways, is like playing an old 8mm film of my childhood in my head. How did I get so lucky? My parents really loved me and did what they thought best. The time and love my mother spent taking care of her family. Sure, she was the stay at home mom, but she did it spectacularly! I still catch myself teaching my kids things and they ask why and I tell them, that is the way grandma taught me.

I miss seeing my mom in her robe making breakfast in the morning. Something she stopped doing about the time my little sister got into high school. By then my dad was retired and she told him it was his turn to get up early!

When I go through my kids stuff, I just want to go back, just for a moment, hold those little babies and nibble on their cheeks.

I am only about 1/2 done. I still have the big project of going through school work. For some reason I kept so much of Austin and Jake's that it takes up about 15 boxes. What was I thinking?


Here is a few pics that I picked out of Daniels keepsake box. I love em!!
Jake holding Daniel - 1995.
This was taken at Lynne's house. It's Daniel and I can't tell who's holding him.
A look at what having 4 kids fast did to me. Bangs. Blond Hair. Big shirts. Stretch pants. Plus I dressed my oldest in a tank top and overalls. WHAT??

My little fatty baby. Daniel was a chunk and a half!! This is him at 2 months.

Now he is a tall, lean 14 year old!!

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