Sunday, May 30, 2010


For Ryder's 2nd birthday we got together at a really great park. Unfortunately it was frickin' freezing! We still had a good time and more importantly, Ryder had a great time!
Ryder loves to swing! He loves his binky too - he is in heaven!
Happy Birthday Buzz Lightyear cake
Checking out his "personal" cake. Cook uh?
Ryder and his Uncle Kade checking out the delicious birthday delights.
Isn't he cute? I could just chew him up!
Blowing out the candles, errr....spiting? It was cute.
Opening presents. He didn't care much for that, he just wanted to play with Kade and Kandice.
Ryder and Aunt Kandice
The crowd
The Slide
Running around.
Kade showing Ryder how it is done. Yeah!
Delicious cake frosting!
The party favor fight.
Who can get who without getting their eye.
No, Matt is not stoned. But it's such a good picture of me!
MMMMmmmm Cake.
Buzz Lightyear!!
To infinity and beyond!!!

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  1. HAHAHA! I love the last 2 pictures, looks like you had fun with that!