Thursday, June 17, 2010

June BDAY's 2010

The month started with a Birthday dinner for Daniel at Oh Sushi!.
See the kind of attitude I have to live with!!! Dang teenagers!! Love em!
Daniel opening the present we went and bought him the day before. The biggest snowboard pants in the history of the world. He said they fit fine, "I'll just wear a belt". OK then.
See? Three of his friends could fit in there with him.
Daniel, just realizing as he reads the paper....He is going to see SLASH live in San Francisco in August!! YEAH BABY!!!
Not a bad Bday!
Me and my baby! I remember the day when he was born and I was staring at his beautiful little face and thinking about the road ahead. Then I thought of my beautiful 3 kids at home that were 2, 4 and 6 years old. Then I took an Ativan! Bahahaha. Just kidding. This kid was planned and wanted and from the second I found out I was pregnant, I knew it would be my last! He is awesome.
My babies!

The patient and loving Step-dad and best hubby.

Mmmm. Sushi!! I think we left 2 pieces in the end. My kids were raised on sushi and their Grandpa Brimley use to feed Austin raw oysters when he was 2. I don't know if that's on a 2 year olds diet - but the kid lived to tell about it.


Matt and Daniel made the cake. Despite the design disaster it was moist and chocolatey GOOD.
Ryder - just being super cute!

Where is my boys!
What is it, what is it!
Matt bought me my first pair of true religion jeans and they fit!! He rocks!
Jumpa jumpa jumpa
See my hand - yeah, he scared the bageebas out of us jumping on the edge.
Sometimes Ryder needs to smoochie mommy better.
Ohhh...NFL card!
Logan's birthday card!
Daniel laughing after he told Matt, "How old my mom, like 50?" Not funny!
Flowers from Jake and Rachelle.
Ryder getting ready for some cake action!
He's so cute!

It was a great month of Birthdays and great family get togethers! Of course, there is a post to come that includes my birthday party! (adults, of course!)

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