Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daniel was hit by a car!

Daniel: "Mom, i'm OK but I have to tell you I kind of got hit by a car"
Me: "WHAT??" In my mind my son was laying there in blood, his spleen fractured and just about to explode and if he moved then he was sure to be a quadriplegic!

How do you "kind of" get hit by a car? I had just dropped him off at school and watched him start to cross the street. He said he was OK and I asked him a few questions and then went on my way to work to a meeting.

Then he texted me that his knee was really hurting so i went to get him and take him to get checked out. Apparently he went to cross the street to get to school and a black BMW turned right and just hit him. It was the corner of the car that clipped his shin and threw him to the ground. Daniel thinks the driver was on his cell phone or talking to some one. The guy and another car stopped and asked him if he was OK and Daniel, being the teenager that doesn't want to be embarrassed, said yes and walked off. Later he realized how bad his knee hurt and he had scrapes on his other knee, hand and elbow. His new Nomis jacket got a couple of holes in it! bummer!!

Turns out his knee is just bruised and I took him home to elevate, ice and take ibuprofen.

St. Marks E.R. Those were my feet. I hate waiting, but they were pretty fast and did a great job.

This is the magnet I found on the fridge the night before.

"Daniel is king of all land and all of those who inhabit it"

I thought it was appropriate for this post. We are so lucky he is OK and I really had flashes of all the families I've interacted with at my job whose lives were instantaneously changed by trauma. It's absolutely overwhelming to think of what could have happened. I choose to try and not worry too much and tell myself that I can panic when something happens. Once in a while I get a reality check and get a chance to embrace the wonderfulness of a simple life with health and well being of my family.

Tip of the day: Look both ways.

Blog on..............

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