Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zoe has the big C

Earlier this week I took my little furry kids to the Vet. It was time for shots and a once over. Ted is doing fabulous without a worry. Unfortunately, although Zoe is acting totally normal, the Vet found 2 different kinds of cancer on her. They found a lump on her back end that is a Mast cell tumor and she had a tumor in her mouth that was growing over her front side teeth. I had noticed the swelling in her mouth the day before, but for the most part we never saw anything. Thursday she went into surgery and they were able to get all of the Mast cell tumor and most of the tumor in her mouth. I don't remember what it was called, but I will find out more in a week. While they had her under, they cleaned her teeth and removed all her skin tags and growths that she had acquired in her old age. She had to stay over night and when Sami and I went to get her in the morning, we were expecting a sick and sad dog. What we got was, well, Zoe. She came leaping out all excited and jumping all over us. That was great to see.
Next Thursday we go back to get the stitches out and find out the staging of the cancer. I think we've done all we are going to do and hope that it grows slow, if at all. I have started some homeopathic diet on her and we are just hoping we can keep her for another year or so. I had no idea I even had to worry about this with her breed. Apparently it is common for Bostons, Pugs and especially Boxers. This is a good reason to get a mix breed from the animal shelter. They are actually less susceptible to the disease and problems of pure breeds. I don't regret one moment having Zoe and we have loved her and had her in our family for close to 10 years.

Zoe gets a smooch from Sami.
Then she bites her. Rude!
On the left side of her chin, from this angle, is a little short and swollen. They had to remove a portion of her jaw. Needless to say, she gets soft food, warmed to the perfect temperature and she still gets it all over.
The bottom lip is sort of sewn into her mouth - or it's just swollen. It's hard to get a good look. It hurts her and she just doesn't like it.
This is wear a large "7th nipple" was removed. It wasn't a nipple at all, but that is what we had named it. Just a skin growth - no cancer.
Picture of her hiney. Cute pink stitches keeping it all together. This is where the mast cell tumor was.
She has no idea what is going on and I can see it in her face, she thinks it's all a little creepy. Gotta lot her though!!

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