Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Does it get better then this???

With all the work Matt and I have been doing this summer, it seemed like an endless craze of anxiety and lists of things to do. Through it all we just "keep on truckin'" because we know we are lucky to have jobs and the great life we have with our friends and family. I, personally, have been spending a lot of time re-evaluating life. A mid-life crisis of sorts. What stuff do I want to do?? I'm not getting any younger. This last week, life popped up and handed me a couple of great experiences that I just have to share!! I'm still tingly - hope you can tingle too!!

When I took the Airmed job, transporting heart devices, I thought the odds of me actually going on a flight were going to be slim. It's a new program and they are still working our the kinks. They basically have a list of people that are trained (10 of us) and we are all called and the first one that can go, gets to go.
Tuesday - I got to go!!!

THIS, my friends, was my ride to the airport. See the blue machine in the left hand corner? That's an Intra-aortic balloon pump. I went with the Airmed team to Boise, Idaho and picked up a patient that was on one and brought them to our hospital.
The experience was BEYOND exciting and very humbling. I learned so much! I was lucky enough to fly with someone I have known as long as I have worked at the U and felt a lot more comfortable. The process of transporting critically ill patients is so complicated. I enjoyed it all, even when my butt was puckerin' in fear!

Three months ago, I found out Slash (from Guns N' Roses) was going to play in San Francisco to kick off his USA tour. Daniel loves him and so I thought I would buy some tickets (reasonably priced) and Matt and I would take Daniel and Samantha on a long weekend to San Fran! (not so reasonably priced.)

It was all worth it. The concert was AMAZING!!
We were within 10 feet of this amazing guitarist.

Here he is with Myles Kennedy. Myles Kennedy sent me a personal "twitter" thanking me for coming to the show after I commented on his "twitter". Lets just say it made me all a twitter!!

Me. Slash.

Daniel. Slash. I love this picture!

Slash, Myles and the band put on a great show! They showcased some awesome talent and kept us entertained for over 2 hours!

Life is good. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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