Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jake, "Max Pain and the Groovies" CD release party!

Jake's band released a CD.  Matt and I ran down to buy some CD's, a tee and watch some great live music!

I really love my son!

 "The Trappers"
Played before MP&G, they were great!
 Darren and Jake warming up.

 Jakes natural good looks and overall hotness just chillin
 Warming up the crowd!

 My favorite pic of the night!
 Using a little flash.

 Look at the crowd!!  Huge turnout!
No flash.

The lighting was really cool, but didn't make for the best of pictures!  We are so proud of Jake and his band and how hard they worked to make this happen.  They put on a great show and we are excited to see how they progress!

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