Thursday, November 18, 2010

San Francisco Date

Matt and I flew to San Francisco for a quick overnight trip.  Gives us a chance to hang out together when he has to travel.  I enjoy getting away although the travel part can be grueling.
The night we got there we went to a wonderful dinner at the Cliff House.  It was so delicious!  
Talking to Samantha, making sure the kids are OK while we are gone.

 Outside the restaurant, checking out the crashing waves and the night view.
 Serious pillowage.  This room was the best room we've had.  It was a 2 room suite with a dinette and extra sink area.  Of course, we were only there one night.  We stay at the Hilton by the wharf and I could stay there for weeks!
 Day two.  Matt went to work and I went for a run.  I'm training for my 10K and had to throw out 4 miles.  It was the most beautiful 4 miles I have ran in a very long time.  See the Golden Gate bridge behind me??  The weather was right around 50 degrees and the air was clear.  AWESOME!

 This is a hill.  I am running down it.  Let's just say that going UP the hill was torturous!

 View from my run.  Into the city.

 Look, I can see Alcatraz!
This is a view on the F Trolley.  They have about 5 trolley's that drive a route to the shops along Market street and then back to the Wharf.  It's 2 bucks and you can get off and on for free for about 2 hours.  It's really convenient and I get a kick out of getting around cities without a car or cab.
Speaking of cabs.  The cab drivers in San Francisco will make anyone car sick.  For the most part, they suck.  Except the guys that Matt uses.  Unfortunately we weren't able to use them all the time and the Cliff House was about 30 minutes away.  Barf! 
On the upside, when we were on our way back from dinner I was just looking around, checking out the houses and I saw a nekkid guy in a window.  Like I don't see that everyday at work.  It was hilarious!!

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