Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who am I and what have I done with me??

Somehow, some way my inner crafter has popped up and I wonder how long she will stay.  Today, I used a glue gun!  Quite exciting I might add.

 In some ways I think I'm avoiding studying for my CCRN and ATCN.  There is those things and then I am probably avoiding the basement and all the organizing I still have to do.  I have put in 2 days out of 60.  Being put on call for my second job doesn't even give me the working excuse.  I do have the "training for a 10K" excuse though.  The great news is that most people will get handmade gifts this year and I will not be killing the earth by buying new things.  Recycle or reuse.  If you don't believe that there isn't enough crap around, just come look in my basement.  Not so much hoarder style, but definitely a sign of "enough"!

My dollar store wreath that I made with a dollar frame, some dollar store leaves and my glue gun.  I even used one of the vintage buttons I bought from Etsy.  I love buttons.  

On another note:

Sami had her Senior pictures taken today and I have a feeling they are going to be wicked awesome!!  We had a great photographer and with Sami's beauty it was a match!  This picture was taken with my cell phone in the Crown Burger parking lot while we waited for our order.  She still looks super cute!

Reminder to myself:  Only get the fries with fry sauce.  They are my favorite and I'm usually too full to eat the burger. Oh my!

Blog on.............

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  1. I love your wreath! I knew that crafter was inside just waiting to come out--you can't avoid it, its in our genes!