Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yeah, I voted. Matt voted too. I voted 2 miles into my 4 mile run. Next time remind me to blow my nose before I get in line. Did you know that the Christ Church (on 33rd, where I voted) has snack machines?? AWESOME! That is almost as great as the Church I took the kids to once in a while that had a coffee cart. Church is looking better and better!

Our voting manual was full of hand written notes and lots of doodles and drawings on candidates. Thanks to my hubby, I've seen a whole new light on voting and politics. We even agree on a few candidates. Of course he studies and reads and makes really informed decisions. I do a little of that and a little of, "Get that idiot out of office, they haven't done anything worthwhile" type of voting approach.

This year was the most I voted on just the person and not the party. Except the Tea Party. I can't believe that someone would admit to be a part of that. If you are not looking at the other side of the story, then you are following a whole bunch of scare tactics and drama queens. I'm that way with every news station and special interest group.

Maybe I can get a job being a "devils advocate" and argue. That would be DREAMY!!

I pre-apologize to everyone that is offended by my disgust with the "Tea Party". It's not personal, it's politics. If you want some great political discussion, watch the comedy channel.

Blog on.............

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