Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm on another crochet extravaganza.
My Christmas challenge this year is to make all if not most gifts a recycled, reused or handmade gift. I am using mostly the things I already have and other things I am buying at Thrift Town. If you haven't been there, it is freaking fantastic!!! It's cleaner and safer then the DI and I have found treasures abundant! I already have ton's of yarn and buckets of craft stuff. I gathered quite a bit when the kids were little and they were always doing things for school, etc. I found some awesome patterns for things I haven't really made before and I could crochet up a STORM!!

So if you are on my Christmas list, don't be surprised by your gift, it will probably be some kind of crocheted cozy that you never knew you needed!! It will be made with love and with supplies that are used, reused, recycled or existing.

Check this out:

This is our Swiffer mop and a crocheted cover for it. It has some netting crocheted into it and Matt tried it out and gave it a two thumbs up!! I need to tweak the pattern a bit, but think about it, I used the yarn and netting I already had and now we just throw it in the washer instead of buying replacements over and over again and throwing them away. I am going to make a couple more to have on hand.

But lets keep this on the down low. Yeah, I have shadows of tree hugger in me but don't forget that awesome princess crown I wear!!!

Blog on..............


  1. Charlie TOTALLY wants one! No kidding he LOVES the swiffer! That little pad totally annoys him it's hilarious! I took off a couple of sections so it's just his size! And I think you have him for christmas, hint! hint!