Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I worked 5 days in a row last week. It included last Wednesday and I worked up through Sunday. I charged for 3 days and the last day was a plethora of patients going out and coming in and the hospital was completely constipated and full. It's a simple math thing that can be so overwhelming that it makes me wonder about who failed their math class. Then there was the incident where someone thought that talking to me about something I said previously in the middle of a busy MICU was a much better idea then in private. I'm still mulling that over that situation. Let it go? Formal complaint? Try a one on one meeting? I have a feeling that her false idea of power will make the decision for me and that is to let it go. The hospital is full of ego's that feel wonderful when they belittle someone in public. Unfortunately in this case I was blindsided and she frankly looked like an idiot.
Glad to get that off my chest. Maybe I can stop bitching and thinking about it.

I blame her.
I fell.
I was still upset and I fell.

I fell OUT of the shower. Not only did I fall on the floor full on and completely out of the shower, I fell out in the middle of my shower. I was trying to adjust the mat in the tub and wham! I was laying on the floor of the bathroom with the bath mat next to me. Mockery? That was a sassy bathmat anyway, so we threw it away in spite.

I didn't know whether I wanted to laugh or to cry so I laughed until I cried and finally revealed my hilarious secret by about 10am at work. My co-worker Terri Michele was having a bad day and I decided I could use my pain and horror to turn it around. It was funny and she put a FALL risk armband on me for the rest of the day. After that my day went pretty great from then out. Of course the rest of my co-workers mocked me and made me laugh until I cried (again) at lunch. Then I enjoyed a less stressful afternoon taking care of my two patients that were actually grateful and kind.

Injuries include bruising and scrapes on my scapula with a matching bruise on my upper arm. I have an odd bruise on my index finger (all left side) and I must have jammed my ring finger because getting on my wedding ring since then has been painful and tight. I can't even imagine what my patients must feel having been in multiple traumas. Can you imagine me in a multiple trauma? Talk about your whine fest!!

I'm not a good hurt person. I don't cry or scream, but I certainly write long winded blogs about my pain and suffering.

By the way, I stood up and got back in the shower - finished my shower and then went to work. I like to think I get that toughness from my dad. He can tear something in his shoulder and then ski 2 more runs. I'm popping ibuprofen to take the edge off and should be well healed within days.

On another note. Do you ever wonder how big the beds get in the hospital?? Well, we were instructed to try out a new Bari (Bariatric) bed for 30 days on our unit. I was charging, so a few of us jumped in and had other nurses take pics and start the rotation.

The girls all in one bed. Me, Jen Q and Britney. Britney likes to play the innocent girl but she jumped in toot sweet!!

Thanks Baylen for taking the picture and Trent for turning on the auto turn. My leg is swung over the bed and the bed sinks on my side and we fall to that side, just to be lifted and sunk to the other side. This isn't even the widest of the Bari beds. They go so wide that I can hardly reach over them.

It's a pet peeve. I think they should tax McDonald's....instead of taking away clove cigarettes and taxing the "sins" to death.

But that's just me.....

Blog on................

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