Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vikings VS Cowboys

Matt and I outside the Mall of America Stadium

This year Matt and I decided to forgo our trip to New York (GASP!!) and go to a football game in Minnesota. We both like the Vikings and it's such a cheaper trip. The New York Giants are pretty much pricing us out of being able to see a game. I think the cost of our Minnesota trip was about the same as just the tickets to the Giants. So, for now, I think we are going to travel around and check out the more affordable stadiums/teams and when we go to New York, which will be soon I hope, we can spend that money on something fantastic!!

The Vikings played both my favorite team (NYG) and Matt's favorite team (Dallas - I know, and I STILL married him). Unfortunately the Giants played there in December when it was really close to Christmas and we hadn't seen the Cowboys yet. I saw them years ago, but it's only fair that Matt sees his team...I guess. Hahaha

Despite Favre's drama the Vikings pulled out an easy win and I was able to see Romo cry his way into the locker room. (Hey, I write the blog - I get artistic license and that whole free speech thing)

Matt and I had a blast and it was awesome to spend a weekend together alone and remember that even though we are working way too much that we still love each other MUCHO and think that we'll stick it out another year or so.

Welcoming Band! Ready for some Midwestern PARTY!!
In our seats, which, by the way, were great seats!! It was tough getting decent tickets this year! Apparently Dallas is a hot team to watch.
Vikings out to practice. Can you spot the hot butt??
Here is another chance.
You can win a contest and blow a huge horn. YES
Out comes Dallas, including Romo. See all those false hopes and dreams??
I'm trying to get a good pic of us and the stadium. Make sure we have it for when we finally have us in all 31 stadiums!! Woot Woot.
Motorcycle first and then the team!! A little much? yeah.
There he goes and the fireworks.
The flag "guys". Give someone a flag and white shoes and have them run around a football field. It's just very un-manly.

I can't explain men and spandex. Full body spandex makes me speechless and these guys did not have their license to wear it. Spandex is a PRIVILEGE not a right.
The mascot Viking
I'm getting ready to WIN!
Game on.
His best side and best feature.
Mixed drinks that turn purple when they are cold. Awesomeness!
Therapy? Yeah, I'm going to need it. You can never UNSEE that.
Such a cool stadium. Who cares about the bigger better stadiums. This one has been the most fun so far with it's hometown feel and super fun fans from everywhere!
A little Farve in action.
1st down, 1 yard to go and the ball on the 1st yard line. Sweet.
Talkin SMACK!! Matt is pointing to his shirt.
The real viking - dancing with the cheerleaders. He was awesome. He did the same dance the cheerleaders did on the other side of the field. Hot!
Romo heads to the locker room to cry.

The end.

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