Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird Eerie Juju Vibes

Reminds me of the song by Billy Preston,
"will it go round in circles.....will it fly high like a bird up in the sky...."  
You know you want to dance!
Last summer was very interesting.  I interviewed for Air Med and realized how much learning I have to do,.  They offered to allow me to help with cardiac device flights if needed and we went to San Francisco and saw Slash. When I came back I actually flew with Air Med including, but not limited to the helicopter AND the plane.  Now, cue that weird thing that happens on TV when time flashes.  It's like the picture turns to waves and suddenly it's six months later.  In that time I have taken another trauma certificate class and earned my ATCN and passed my CCRN.  tada!!  Still confused, well I'm not quite finished.
About a month ago I discovered that not only is Slash coming to town, but he is coming into town twice in one week and by the grace of David Hancock-Taylor (brother) I am able to go to them.  The first appearance was at Sundance and although Slash didn't play, I loitered around his table and tried to get past the muscle head for an autograph.  I wasn't feeling fully on my game, although I downed an entire Sprite/Vodka to get the nerve to walk that close.  Baby steps people, baby steps.  I'm not use to going TO people, people.
Right after we left that event (big thanks and big sissy hugs to David Hancock-Taylor for doing some kick ass lighting and making it possible for us to fulfill the poser VIP quota.)  We got to the car and I looked at my phone. Sure as shit - there was a text message from Air Med for a possible flight.  WHAT?? WHAT??  What are the odds that those two things would happen within a couple weeks of each other TWICE???  Turned out they didn't need me and Boise did the flight (hoggers of cool flight time).  Good thing because I was on this side of the tipsy and I don't think we get to transport patients after we've imbibed heavily and stalked famous people.  That is just the feeling I get.

Big props to the band Juke Cartel and Fuel for providing the music for my night and for the other famous people that hung out with us side stage.  Especially the huge African American man that protected us from the riff raff.  Good times.

So anyway.  To me it turns my world all askew.  I don't know if I'm teetering on the edge of a mid-life crisis, but I definitely live by the law of Karma AND listening to what your gut tells you.  On the flip side, I interviewed for the ER and have a follow up interview next week.  I have to have at least a year ER experience to be able to fly full time for AirMed.   Considerations I have been making for literally years.  Should I work where I am at and just finish my career time there or should I stretch out and try some different stuff.  Scares the bajeeba's out of me and the decision is still on the table.  I love my job in SI and I think I am really good at it, but does it ever hurt to stretch a little big, even if you end up there in the end?  oh jeez.

Tonight is the Slash with Myles Kennedy concert in SL.  I'm hoping for some old fashion, get there early, stand close and rock out fun.  I've got my Motorhead T-shirt cut up ala Madonna ready with my stud covered boots that don't have heels so I can do some proper rockin!

Sorry, no pics for the few that follow for family updates.  I have a bunch.  Christmas, Snowmobiling, Sundance....  I have been busy reading blogs instead.  Blogs that are written by some FUNNY people. Love a good laugh!

Cake Wrecks
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and a few mommy blogs that are killin me...

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All of them great writers/creators that can tell a story!!  I thank them and all the others that I run across that are seriously keeping my laugh tank full!

PS.  In regards to my previous post of K Fact - please don't misunderstand me, I haven't been smoking pot.  When I listened to Led Zeppelin, it just sounds like someone has been.

Blog on little people, blog on.....

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