Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's a Christmas Miracle

It's a Christmas Miracle that I finally am getting some pictures up!
What a great year!
 Started with making sugar cookies for cookie day.  Sami did most of the work, using her grandmothers sugar cookie recipe.  Daniel even jumped in and cut a few.
 Matt loves making the fishes and the dog bones.
 Zoe sporting a new svelte body and the will to not let this cancer thing get her down.
 Although cute, the tree/star project did not cook well.
 Sami was done!  She didn't feel well at the end either  What a great job she did!
 Melissa getting serious.
 Sami and Ryder working the ginger house table.

 Cute girls hanging.
 Daniel and I.  I'm doing the lean over and smile pose.
 Ohhhh...sweet penguin and tree!
 Cathryn taking a nap.  I'm thinking one of her kids placed some "friends" for her to cuddle with.
 Charlie looking for some birthday quarters.
 James birthday loot.
 Xadi girl getting her greed on.
 Opening the present I made her.  Such a cute purse for an adorable girl.
 Birthday candles!
 Cody cooked a delicious fried turkey.  Num Num!
 Cutest couple ever!
 Family.  Hearts and kisses.
 More family.  Jake is doing his best "James Dean".
 Xadi getting ready to be "Mary" in the Christmas Story.
 Oh look, it's an angel named Emily!!
 Xadi put little baby Jesus in the box, closed it and walked away.  Guess she is sending him back.
 Xadi and Little man hanging in the middle
 Brother Dave excited with his new phone cozy and my sister knitted him a tie.  It's on his lap.  It is way super cool.
 I gave Cody a BYU bookmark.  Gotta give him some hope!
 Cathryn opening up the presents I gave her.
 Snugglin with little man!
 Opening my present....oh yeah!  Matt is practicing his speaker hands.  That is what he does when he is in front of a crowd giving a presentation.  It's not easy being as smart as he is!
 This is what happens when you take away a mans Shaka laka lip blaka!!!  He was crushed and I did it.  Oh I feel bad!
 Looking for comfort in snowmen.
 Even sweet sick mommy can't help but laugh.  Truman is not amused at all.
 Trying to make my amends.
" BURN Aunt Kathee..I got me some chapstick!"
 My dad telling the story of how fast he can get a tie on with the new tie that slips on.  Gotta love my dad!  He is always thinking smarter instead of harder.
 I can't resist her.
 Caroline and Dave admiring my handmade, from plastic grocery sacks, can cozy.  Plus Dave was eying the high end ginger ale!  Caroline is wearing the scarfette that I crocheted her.  Doesn't she look fantastic??
 My mom and me.  I didn't get a pic of her with the gift I made her!  Darnit!
 Dad wearing his scarf and checking out the plastic bag crocheted can cozy.
 I really love my mom!
 Sideways art photo.  Thanks Sami.
 The chaos of my fam!!  MWAH!
 All better!
 Jake just sat on something, or is having a seizure, or .......:::shrug:::
 Mmmmm  Carollines chocolate Yule log cake.  Delish!

 Our Christmas tree.
 With all the fun gifts.  This year we only had Jake and Rachelle in town.  We didn't have to get up early or anything like that.  It was weird having daylight for present opening.
 The cool tree that the kids Granny Brimley made before she died.  We treasure her gifts and miss her so.
 bed head.
 OMG!!!  It's a poker table!
 Jake just woke up...I think.
 Dogs - waiting for their gifts.
 Cute Ryder just hanging with his new truck.
 so cute!
 Poker table.
 Chris, Rachelle and Ryder...checking out their presents.
 Matt is loving his new table.
 Big Wheel!!!
 So dang cute!
 Ryder, playing on the window seal.
 Big money Poker player.
 Kids taking him down.
Next day I had to work, but when I came home the rest of the kids were home and they were waiting.  They wanted da loot!!

Patience is her virtue.  I had a pic of her with her new iPod touch, but somehow it didn't make it here.  Oh well.
 Daniel's eyes are closed and Ted is licking something he shouldn't be, but it's a great pic otherwise!!
 Guitar cable!!!!!!!
 I think he loves it!
 My present from Sami!  I love it.  She loves it because I can put all the pics on that and I won't have 50 of them on the piano.  She dusts the piano.

 YES, a white board!  Santa is so smart!

It was a good Christmas and so glad to have spent some good times with my kids and family.  The Rydman party was in January and I will post some pics of that later.  
Merry Christmas

Blog on..................

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