Sunday, January 30, 2011

SLASH 2011 edition

The 29th of January was a Slash/Myles Kennedy concert at The Depot.  I bought tickets the DAY I found out about it, and that was on Christmas.
It was awesome and we were impressed, yet again with the talent and showmanship this band brings!

 Waiting out in the cold to get in
 Long line!
 Sold out!!
 Matt and I get our place just a few people back from the stage.  We were SO close!
 My tight jeans and cool boots!
ENJOY these great pics of Slash.  He is so fun to watch.

 This is Myles Kennedy.  

 This is Tod Kerns.  He plays bass and sings great Ozzy songs.  I love his hair and I want it.  

 This security guard was rocking out!!  Singing along to the music.  It was so much fun!

 Oh my!  Someone brought him the shirt and he wore it for one song and threw it in the audience.

 THEN: he was shirtless!  Look how much fun.  He really seemed to be relaxed and enjoying himself.

Last song.

It was really fun to get dressed up and go out with Matt and have a great time.  I would see these guys anywhere.  They use pure talent to entertain.  No fancy dancy lights and big show, it's just good music!

I'm still tingling!

Blog on.............

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