Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chaps my Ass!

I believe this is only my second installment of the "chaps my ass" subject.  If you know me you will be shocked and amazed that with a couple of years worth of blogs I've only had my ass chapped once.  I assure you, it's been positively raw, I just haven't written about it.

Last September Daniel had the unfortunate experience of being hit by a car.  He was crossing the road to go to Highland High and the driver of a black BMW didn't see him.  He did hit the ground, but he didn't hit his head.  Instead he quickly stood up, stated he was OK and walked into the school.  Apparently a couple of drivers stopped, including the BMW driver.

Then he calls me and I figure he's talking on the phone so it can't be that bad and he tells me he'll just stay at school.  Thirty minutes later he calls me and states that he is sore and his knee hurts.  I pick him up, take him to the ER and later we find out he is just fine, just bruised.

We never did have the driver of the BMW's name.  FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!  The insurance companies when nutso and I had to explain why we didn't have the name/license plate to at least 4000 people.  If anything, get the name and license to cut through the red tape.  

Long story getting longer, my health insurance wouldn't pay for it because it was involving a car (crazy Utah laws) and so after 4 months it was handed to our Auto insurance, ALLIED, and they are doing a fine job.  They keep me informed and everyone involved has been kind and helpful.  I swear the amount of time doing paperwork has cost everyone twice as much as the original bill.

Now this is the part that chafes....
I get a voicemail today after work from an insurance agency that states that we have a possible "bodily injury" settlement through their company if we would like.  Mother of all that is EVIL!  Really?  This insurance agency has nothing to do with any of our insurance and they are encouraging us to sue.  REALLY?  It was an accident.  Do you really have to encourage people to expect free money?? He was out of school one day and has no residual problems, except the hole in his new hoodie.  

This, my friends, is the reason why health care is through the roof and the US is going to hell in a hand basket.  We should really stop insurance companies from soliciting victims to pursue litigation just because they can.  

I'm not running for office, ever. 

I don't watch national news either, so any thoughts, opinions or subjects that are similar in nature are completely coincidence and do not reflect my personal or political views.

Blog on..................

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