Friday, February 25, 2011

COLORADO February 2011

This month I was lucky enough to have Al (father in law) fly me up to see my family in Colorado for a few days.  It took a couple of tries, but the weather and timing was in our favor and we went for it.
I had the greatest of time!

Airplane ride!

 I had to take a picture of Austin.  He was doped up from getting four teeth pulled.  He insisted on coming out to the plane with us.
 Thanks to my honey, he put all the plans together and even got us our rental cars.  This is a man with connections!

 Closer look at the dope head.  Totally legal and totally loving it.  I have a feeling he got some Versed.  

See his cheeks all packed up with cotton??  

 See the big plane?  Well I'm getting on the little plane.  Here it looks like a little "smart plane", kinda like a smart car only way faster and super cool.
 Awesome, eh???  It's so much fun!
 Matt getting pics of me getting set to go.  There is a very complex and rigid puzzle to getting into small planes.  
 Ready to FLY!!  Opp...guess I will wait for the pilot.

 Oh look, there is air med and if you look really carefully you can see the helicopter.  I've been on that plane..unless they have two...then I've been on one like it.
 Airmed behind us getting ready to taxi.  If they took a picture of me you would see some dumb ass with an old airmed hat waving like a nerd.  :::Shrug::: it happens.
 Salt Lake
 The Valley
 Park City Area
 Aspen from afar
 Aspen, Colorado more close up.
 So beautiful.  Although clouds bring turbulence and turbulence in the RV6 is just a wee bit more bumpy then in a 747. This is where I realized WHY we needed shoulder straps on our seat belts.  Curiously enough, I didn't get sick and thought it was kinda fun.  But only for about a minute and realized after 30 minutes I would probably need a yak sak.  Luckily with Al's flying skills and cloud knowledge, we hit very little turbulence.  Props to mother nature was a beautiful day!

 Pikes Peak...almost there.
 Park the plane, they fill it up and then bring you your rental car.  I could get use to this kind of travel.  No riff raff whatsoever.  Al had plans with friends and family in Colorado and of course my plans were to get over to that grand baby of mine and smooch his fricken face!!  Oh and give hugs to Hunter, Lyndsi and Chris.  A friendly nod to Brent.

 Pueblo reservoir.
 A lake, looks cool because of the cracks or whatever they are.
 I think this is part of Black Canyon, or the lake that is above it.

Colorado River.. I think
 Green River.
 I am such a camera hog!!
There is the Duschesne Airport!  

 Look at that face.  Those eyes.  Matthew (MAC) is just a droolin bundle of love.
 At the restaurant.  He was happy just leanin back and flirtin with the ladies.
Bedtime cuddles.
 This is the blanket I made for him.  I love this picture.  He looks like he was just goosed.

 Oh this picture taking was getting old!
 He likes his thumb.  Delish!
 Lucky Lucky to be able to have dinner with the family!  Joining us was Butch.  He's just the nicest guy.  Thanks to Chris for taking a chance and letting me see Hunter for a few hours.  I love that little guy and he always gives me a big smile when I come see him!
 So cute.
I really do take off my jacket and scarf.  I just love the way he holds his bottle.  At the end....because that is how he ROLLS!

I can't thank Al enough for flying me up there.  I love seeing my little Colorado family and feeling the love and friendship I have there.  I never thought that I would have so much fun in a little plane, but Al is a great teacher and by the end of the trip I was reading the maps and actually able to tell how many feet we were in the air and all that stuff.  Just an absolute joy.  I think he had fun too!!

 I am up for a flight, anytime!!

Such a great time.  
Thanks Lyndsi for cleaning the house for me and letting me have your baby for 2 days!!
Thanks Chris!  Your the best!
Thanks Al!  The best plane flight I've had!

Live is great now isn't it?
Blog on.............

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