Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WhiteFish 2011

This year for our anniversary, Matt and I decided to go up to Whitefish to see my friend Rachel, drop off Ted and spend some time together.  Unfortunately Matt was pretty sick and we spent a lot of time hanging out in our hotel room together.  It was pretty nice, very relaxing.  Our hotel was awesome.  We spent some time with Rachel and Colin and left Ted with Rachel to hang out for a month or so.  Ted and Rachel just love being with each other and I thought they sure would have a great time together...and they are!   Matt and I have had a difficult course of anniversaries (see the Palmolive fiasco) but we have a life time of them to get it right.  It was nice just hanging out together alone..I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be with!  Love you Matt!!

 Delish restaurant in Butte
 Travel Fun!
 Some of the view up.  It was really beautiful.
 Ted hanging out at Rachels bathroom.
 They kept putting this stuffed bear on our bed...and offered to let us buy it.  HAHA
 The wonderful TUB!
 I love this bathroom.
 Whitefish lake that was next to our hotel.
 Off for a drive around Glacier Lake.

 So pretty..

The hottest hot tub ever!
 Drive to Big Mountain Ski resort.
 Ted came along for the ride.
 Me and Rach on the way up.
 Matt and I
 On the lift up.
 I love this pic, but I forgot to flip it.  Love this man, even if we are sideways.

 Coming down the mountain...what a view.
 Looking at all the "Snow ghosts".
 At the top.
 Cool ski resort.  You ride to the top and their is runs off all sides of the mountain.  Really cool!  Big restaurant at the top!  Next time we are going skiing.

 I love the way the snow builds up because of the wind.  It reminds me of Two Top in Idaho.

It was kinda cold coming down.......I look like toucan Sam......the nose!!

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