Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Buh Bye!

Well it happened.  One of my kids moved away.  It sounded better when I was just saying it and he hadn't left yet.
Austin got a job up in North Dakota driving on the oil fields. 
I am super happy for him and this is something he really wants to do.  I'm not super happy that he will be so far away from me and home.  That he will be living in a circa 1970 trailer.  That it is freakin cold in North Dakota.  That North Dakota is almost to CANADA!  
Geez it's hard to grow up...still!

Austin's Grandpa Brimley was awesome and helped him find the job and got him a trailer.  Bill (Austin's dad) let him borrow his Suburban to get the trailer up there.  Bill also works a couple of hours within the city Austin lives in, so he is able to check on him once in a while.  Austin will be able to spend weekends at his dad's house if he wants and I do feel good about that. Guess I'm going to North Dakota some time this year.  yippee!

 Good thing Austin splurged for a belt!   This is him hooking up the trailer.
 The rig he will be hauling up to ND.
 Saying goodbye to my sweet son.  I'm going to miss him!  
 Goodbye from Sami
 A forced "bro" hug, because Daniel doesn't hug.  He does do dishes though!  Woot Woot!

 Driving away.
I almost shed a tear when he waved out his window as he drove up the street.  OK OK I did shed a tear.  I am going to miss his daily visits to our house for cable TV and food.  Matt is going to miss their long talks in the morning when he would come over.  
I feel like I should have so much more to say and maybe a movie clip of all his pictures from birth to now.  Then I remember that I am not that committed to ANYTHING and for right now I am in basic denial. A tear here, a tear there.  I talk to him on the phone and he sounds like he is taking it all in stride.  I know he has lots of stories and we have encouraged him to start writing in a journal so he can remember the experiences and how crazy it was.
I am so proud of him I could just bust!

Life successes can be so bittersweet!

blog on..................

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