Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bathroom Fix-up

About four years ago I bought a shower curtain that I wanted to redecorate my bathroom around.  This month I have finally got it together and started on the bathrooms.  So far, the only one that is all the way done is the small one off the kitchen.  Daniel uses that one.  The big bathroom is waiting for a new light, but we did get it painted.  Here are some before and after pics.

 Ripped off the medicine cabinet and took down the light.
 getting everything ready.
 The toilet corner.
 We took off the shower was pretty done.
 The painting will begin.  I hate the get ready part..I like just painting.
 I painted both ceiling with Kilz so that we wouldn't get moldy and yellow spots on the ceiling.  Love my painting look?  It's vintage.
 This is NOT my helper...haha
 The little bathroom is painted a light grey blue.
 around the shower.
 The mess...and the music.
 I love my Starsky & Hutch painting's awesome.
 Sami really wanted in the pic.
This is after the ceiling was painted and I was getting ready to paint the walls.
 Done..but not decorated.
 Tile job.  A little protection from all the boys that have ever lived in this house.  Splashy Splashy!

 The big bathroom painted.  We still need to hang new hardware, shower curtain, light and the blinds.
 Small bathroom done (except blinds).  Most of the stuff I got from Ikea, even the shower curtain. 

 I love this shower curtain!!!  Ikea!
I bought the light a year ago from Costco and the mirror is from Ikea.  The new light is awesome!

It's hard to take pictures of the small bathroom, but I love it!  A very light blue/grey paint with brown and grey accents.  Matt replaced all the light switches and plugs with white ones.   I will post more pics of the big bathroom once we get a few more things done.

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