Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The unthinkable....

It happened so fast I didn't have time to argue.  There is just no way around it.  If I want to do this job, and I want to work with Trauma I's and II's, then I have to just get over it.

I wore a fanny pack.

SHHHHHHH..........oh I bow my head in shame!  I wore it low and on my back trying to put the cool back into such a travesty!   I even tried setting it down, but NOOOOO..it has narcotics in it, so that is not an option.  This was my first trauma and it was a very easy, Trauma II that was very fortunately OK.  I didn't need to rip out any of my magic tricks from the bag, so I'm sure that I will appreciate the contents in due time.  It was also midnight and the crowd was sparse, much to my satisfaction.  In order to overcome my aversion and actually accept (GULP!) the fanny pack as a tool, I have come up with some rules that make it perfectly OK to sport what is apparently a convenience device.

1.  Work.  If you are being paid and you need it for your job and there is no other option..then you have to do it.  I've never been much of a fashionista for my work time and why stop here?  Of course I wear all  my diamonds!  It's a subtle statement that says, "yeah, I dress for the job here, but as you can tell, I can dress it up FINE!"

2. Wear it properly.  I realize that having the fanny pack actually ON the fanny is not the quickest way to access it, but it's not called a FANNY pack for nothing!  Worn loose on the hips and over the butt gives a more "cool" aura to the wearer.  Being loose, you can swing it around, get your gear and back it goes!  Tada!  Tight, in the front, around the waist just doesn't seem to look good on anyone!

3. Loosen up and forget there is a fanny pack.  Don't apologize for your fashion disaster!  This is work!  We are serious here sometimes.  

That's the best I could do.  Plus, I need to go to work.  I can't be late and tell them it's because I was writing a blog on the horrors of wearing the Trauma fanny pack.  That is just bad form for a new employee.  At least I have that going for me.

Does this mean I must turn my head when my sweet hubby takes his fishing fanny pack out??  Oiy!!!    Only if it's actually AT the fishing facility.  It that enough give and take?  I'm pretty sure it is!

BLOG ON.............

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