Friday, April 15, 2011

Painful Mockery

My dog came home from a 30 day sleepover at his girlfriends house.  We were all excited and everyone greeted him with hugs and kisses and promises to walk and take care of him. aren't the first teenager I've raised.
So, after a week we are totally drowning in dog hair.  It's spring and Ted wants to shed his winter coat into a sleek spring jacket.  The problem is, there is no end to the hair!  There is huge clumps of it all over our house only minutes after we are done vacuuming.  We vacuum once a day, minimum.  A few days ago Matt dragged him outside and proceeded to "Furminate" Ted.  That lasted about 4 minutes and the dog hair flowed across the carpet like tumbling tumbleweed.  Today, after the second vacuum within a day I decided to give it a try.  Ted is very patient with the process and just stands there with a blank look on his face while you work away at the dog hair.  

I brushed and brushed and after the brush was full I would grab the hair off and throw it behind us.  Then the hair proceeded to float through the air, dancing all the way back and landing right back on Ted!  Oh the mockery!!!  After I was done I had to change socks and shirt and roll my pants.

Then I looked into the living room and there was Ted, having a scratch fest...standing up and leaving 3 clumps of dog hair.  ::::Fist in the air:::::  Why me????

Thank goodness he is so awesome!
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  1. i've been using a Furminator for my dogs the last couple of weeks too. Frank hates being brushed, but i've kept after him. Artie will let me brush her all day long... i've been brushing them once or twice a week and i have noticed a decrease in the amount of shedding.