Sunday, May 1, 2011


Easter was pretty relaxing this year.  The kids are older and so there is no Easter eggs to hide.  HALLELUJAH!!!  We put together a basket for each kid and then cooked a brunch Sunday morning.  Unfortunately Matt and I didn't really think about it until the night before, so most of our kids had other plans.  Luckily Sami and Daniel were here and Logan and Corinne came over also.  I didn't get any pictures but it was really nice.  
Later that night I had to go to work, but after I left Chris and Rachelle stopped by with Ryder and Ryder was able to get his Easter basket from Mima and Pipa.  I'm sorry I missed it but I heard that he had a great time!  Judging from the pictures he was having a blast.  So much so that in most of them he is just a blur!  Such a cutie!

Happy Merry Easter!  

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