Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Cookie Chaser and an April Snow day.

When I signed up for the Cookie Chaser 5K, I was pretty sure that it wouldn't be a snow run on April 30th.  I was wrong.  The snow storms keep rolling in about every 3 to 4 days here in Utah and I think it's really starting to irritate people.  On the way to the race today, we saw at least 4 accidents on the freeway.  I'm hoping that we will at least have a nice mild May and the weather won't go straight to blistering heat!

Be strong little tulips!!

By 2 in the afternoon the sun was shining and there was no sign of snow.  These are hearty little flowers, that is for sure!

The Cookie Chaser 5k turned out to be a blast.  My friends Paul and Susan Spiers were there and I ran into some people from work.  I packed jackets, coats, rain gear, gloves and hats for any last minute adjustments.  The cool news is that I wasn't nervous at all.  I didn't really have any big expectations for the race, I just wanted to get more race experience.  I love the idea of having friends there, even though we all run at different paces.  Before the race I stayed bundled up!  I was talking to my friends from work, the Delpino's and I met their kids.  They had two kids running it and they were so adorable!  They kicked my butt too!  Someday I will be faster then a 10 year old......some day!

 Brrrrrrr.  At least the sun was shining!
 The finish line.  A little run through the snow and grass......
Before the race and ready to roll!

The race was great.  I felt awesome!  Did a little walking, but wasn't too strict to stay on the plan. Watched my pace and started out at 10 min/mi and after about a mile and one walk break I was running under 9 min/mi for most of the time.  I didn't even feel like I was going to die!  Maybe all this training is helping me out!

Good times!  Thanks Susan for running with me for a little bit and telling me about the race.  It was great!  A special thanks to Matt who drove me there, took pictures, held all my crap while I ran and took trips back and forth to the truck to get me coats and blankets afterwards.  I have the best husband!!  

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