Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

What a great year for the family at Lake Powell!!  I worked the night before so Sami and Daniel took turns driving my new car so that we could get there safely.  Cody, Dad and Marie picked us up and we were off to the house boat for some great fun!
My dad gettin the jump seat

Me and the kids on our way 
Daniel taking Charlie out for a ride
Joe and Dad..I have no idea what they were looking at.....a bird? a plane?
Back of the houseboat chaos
Sweet Xadi waiting in the Jackson's boat
Dave keeping Charlie in one spot and safe.  He loved the boats.
Boat coming in with a couple of tubes.  Look at that view from the back of the houseboat!
Cool huh?
The paddle board.  I loved it!!!  This one was Melissa's and I ordered one.  Mine didn't come home until I was back from Flaming Gorge so I returned it.  I will look for one next spring!  Keeping my fingers crossed.
Watching the kids on the tube.
Alec, Sami and Daniel
Dashing brother Dave driving.  (teehee)
Lake Powell is awesome and beautiful!
Tubing PICS!!

Sami waiting for her turn.
Emily and Sami
Our camp site
Cliff Jumping
Daniel jumping just like me....hahaha
Freelance???  what is that?



Melissa showing her sand tan!

What a great trip!!  Big thanks to Cari and Cody for providing  the house boat and Mom and Dad financing the shin dig.  

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