Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flaming Gorge 2011

Our annual Flaming Gorge trip was a great success! We had tons of fun.  We are getting older though, I don't think we stayed up past 11 at all!!

 Daniel giving us some tunes the first night.  It was a little chilly!
Sad Guitarist 
 Daniel is getting really good at wake boarding

 Sami....HIT IT!
 She is so pretty!
 Book and a V8.  It's a hard knock life!
 More tunes.....
 Taking the Chloe dog purse for a swim.

 She made it!
 Blowing up the floating island
Sami holding all drinks and snacks for the day.  Hostess with the mostest!! 
Kids are awesome! 
My mouth still kills me.  Every smile looks more like a constipated look.  Sad. 
Some boat antics!  Sassy Girls 
 The floating island.  Wicked cool!
 Some wicked air
More air 
 ALMOST jumped the wake
Jonathon.  He didn't want his pic taken but I snuck it in anyway! 
Matt. He's doing great! 
 Spending a few hours a day on the floating docks.  It's a blast.
 Jo and Somchai's girls.  Little Chloe sitting with them.
Kelly, checkin the prop. 
 My social animal.........not!
Chloe tried to bark all up in a big dogs face.  Not a good idea, Chloe.  Good thing for my awesome first aid skills. 
Preparing the track for the Crawdad races. 
 First race

 Big crowd!
 Go go!
We let the winner go back to the lake.

Kelly and her cheater stick! 

 Gary's dutch over delight!
Jo and Somchai and their brood. 
 Gary, Loreen and Sera along with Brandy and PJ

 Our camp
 Sami loving on PJ.
 Crawdad losers.  Delish!
 Cook for us Gary...COOK!
 The crowd
 The Bathroom Bus
 Evening fishing
Jo and Loreen laughing around the fire. 
Burning the evidence. 
Love camping and fires! 
Real men and their poodles! 

We had such a great time.  The nights were cool and the days were hot.  The water was even just cool instead of bone chillin cold!

Blog on.........

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