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Las Vegas Ragnar 2011

Las Vegas Ragnar 2011
12 Girls -
8 Nurses
2 Hucs
1 RT
1 Business owner (last min replacement)

What a wonderful thing to do!  It's the people that make it and I have to say I didn't expect to enjoy myself as much as I did.
Love you girlys!!

It was a great start, but we slowed down to a crawl.  I think it took us 2 hours more then we planned to get there.  Dang that utah county traffic.

We tried Fez's alternative route.  It wasn't slower!
Stopped at Ikea.  You would think finding safety vests would be easy.  Even an orange vest from hunting and I could put reflective tape on them.  Nope.  Spent almost a day running around the SL valley looking for them.  Ikea had them, so we stopped and Van 1 grabbed a few.  I cleaned out harbor freight, but they only had 6.
Jen and John.  John went to see Jen run and spend time with his brother.  
Our Van.  Van #1.  We had one member that filled in last minute, Marissa, but other then that we all knew each other from work.  I don't think many of us had spent too much time outside of work together.  After this race, I can safely say I loved the crap outta all these girls.  What wonderful, kind, compassionate and hard working they all are.  I felt very lucky!
Speaking of lucky.  Best driver ever right here!  Matt did a fantastic job!!  He took care of us like we were HIS team.  We were fed, watered, driven, coached..everything.  He set the bar pretty high for driver expectations!
First morning.  It's freaking early!
Yeah, I take randome pics here and there!

This team wore adult diapers, they were definitely in it for the fun!

Starting line and sunrise.
Busy getting all our stuff together.

Sun coming up at Lake Mead.
Krista is ready to run and we are walking her to the start line.  It was just a tit bit nipply!
Yeah it was a little dark and cold but what a clear and beautiful day!  Little did we know, but we warmed up like crazy and our runs for the day would be in lets say...a FURNACE..going uphill.
All about hugs, love and warmth.
(fits the blanket, don't you think?)

Here we go!!

Krista giving us the thumbs up!!

Getting ready for the first exchange where Krista will slap the bracelet on Jessica and she will be off...
Watching for Krista.  We needed to have a flag to go across the street and so I walked Jess over with the flag and waiting for Krista.
Oh I just hate getting my picture taken! Teehee

Here she comes!!

SLAP...and off Jess goes for her first leg.
Another angle.  (Matt was taking picture too)

Once we sent Jess on her way we stayed at the exchange to finish decorating our van.  Well, we all started.  Fez took over.  She is very serious about these things.
Yeah Jess!!
Yep, she is still going uphill!!  Luck of the draw she really did have the hardest legs of our van.
Not too bad, it's beautiful, but this shows how uphill it is.  It was a gradual hill for me, but uphill non the less!
She is still killin the hills!
Random guy, without a shirt, worthy of a pic.
There was all kinds of this around.  Men apparently like to run in Speedo's.  I personally think it screams RASH.

Fez (Dez) is killin it!

And she is looking GOOD!!!

Matt giving me moral support.  I was scared and my heart was RACING.  122 bpm to be exact.  
Waiting for Fast Fez.
SLAP and I am off.
This is what some of the exchange stations looked like.  Clustery, yet with potties.
There I go uphill
I'm doing good...going uphill
Ok, so this is a little downhill.  Knee brace is keeping me together.  Thank god!
ALMOST to the end!  I can see the exchange!
SLAP...and there goes "skinny and I have abs and 4 kids under 9" Jen.  
Here comes Jen up the hill.  She was our murderer.  She would pass people like crazy.  She probably passed as many people that passed me!  Haha  
She was also sick. Upper respiratory.  She still rocked it!
Ah the desert
Trauma Assault Vehicle is locked and loaded and ready!
Hand off from Jen to Marissa - or we like to call her Sparkles.  
It's just because she is so pretty!
Exchange number 6.  Both vans as we wait for Marissa to come in and Kristen (ninja) to take her first leg.
TADA!!!!  How does Sparkles make it look so easy??  She kills me!  She is super nice too.  
Off Ninja goes!

We had about 4 hours of off time and now we are back on it.  
One of the exchanges.  
Jen..waiting for me to come in. 
This leg killed me and I slapped on the bracelet and ran to the van to roll out my IT band.  GAAAHHHH
Sparkles is getting ready to take off!!

Exchange 18.  Then we had about 5 hours before we had to be back on the line.
We went back to the hotel and got a little shut eye.

Back at it and Fez is not feeling great.  
I am staying awake and walking around at every exchange to keep my knee/leg loose.  I conjured up a plan to be able to run my last leg and it included an overdose of ibuprofen (just a tad past the soft guidelines) a couple of lortab and an ativan to keep the muscles loose.  Then I prepared the rest of my body with TONS of water and NUUN.  I also ate a lot of carbs.
It seemed like a silly plan, but I can't tell you how well it worked!  I ran without too much pain and although it was slow..I did it!
Matt is looking tired!  He did the best job ever!
TADA!!   Love.
One of the exchanges.
Just taking my picture so I can stay awake.
Me and the TAV!
Matt and I.  I think we were waiting outside getting ready to hand off water or check on one of the runners.
Fez didn't feel good, but when it was time this girl was up and ready to go.  She even looked good!
even a smile!
Jen and I off to see a runner.  Yeah, we are cold. 
Here comes Jessica!!  
Jessica is back and Fez is on her way.  Yeah, we are smiling. Jessica had just finished all three legs and she did freakin AWESOME!
The end of my last leg.  I DID IT!!!  Knee brace, filthy shoes and the best armwarmers around.  Ran 6.8 miles on gravel road. 
Bad Ass.

We found a horse with cow markings.  He was in time out for staring at the girls
Almost done!  
Last runner of Van 1 on the last leg.  Sparkles is giving us a big finish!

Funny VAN.
Waiting for Jen to slap Marissa for the final leg.
Love these girls.  Didn't know them very well before the race and now I love being with them.
Best driver ever!
Slap from Jen to Sparkles!
Off she goes!

Beautiful Sunrise!
The last exchange where both teams were until the end.  Kristen is getting ready to rock it as we wait for Marissa.
The whole team - minus Marissa - who is running!
Jen Q. and I.  When we all signed up for this race I challenged her to run it.  She took the challenge!  We went to the running store, went through some training plans and boom...she pulled it off.  All by herself too.  What a great accomplishment!
Ninja waiting for Sparkles.
There was a lot of this going on.
Van ONE is done!!  
Love our TAV!

These guys were sleeping right there in the dirt.
Off Matt takes us to our hotel to get a bit of rest before we meet Van 2 at the finish line.
Red dresses??

Finish line snuggles.
It's freakin hot.  
YEAH.   WE did it!
Every member of our team ran their own legs.  We had such a great time and I am so proud of us.  

Finish line!

Bad Ass.  Amen!

Blog on..............

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