Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Have you ever had one of those days that had big plans that turned to jack? Yeah, one of those days. My first plan was to work a 12 hour in the SICU with my friend Tera. They didn't need me. It's slow. Come on people! Heart surgery! Trauma! Just do it.
Next up: long run. ::::big loud buzzer::: I ran a long run yesterday up in the mountains of Idaho to avoid the heat.

I pouted about it for two hours, called Tera and bitched about it for another 15 minutes. I even got dressed for the day to "run errands"....wash my car, get gas, drive a race hill I think I'm going to run.... I then became totally into my blog for the Wasatch Back Ragnar. By the time I finished, I had to change into my yoga clothes for a core class I signed up for during my pout session. I never even left the house in my moderately cute outfit of the day. Thank goodness I have enough to keep me busy the rest of the day! And double thank goodness I am working tomorrow!!!
I leave you (ala iPhone Blogger app) with a picture of my favorite workout towel. Yes, it says pledge. It's the BEST most absorbent manageable workout towel I've ever had. It never stops sucking.
I have no idea how it dusts.

Blog on............

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