Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day in the great life!

I'm at work today.  In Rock Springs.  I drive here once a week, stay about 48 hours and then I'm done until the next week.  Ideally, I fly (fixed wing) a couple of patients every week.  I like to fly 3 times, in the day.  It doesn't work out that way but I wanted to just say it out loud, every time I work, just so everyone is aware!

The drive to Rock Springs isn't bad - it's just the staying awake!!  Even if I sleep well all night, I get so sleepy on the road.  Coffee, snacks (paleo!), music, comedians and pod-casts...all to no avail.  I stopped at Little America and walked around to wake up and then bought some earrings. Unfortunately  no one complimented me on them today, so I took them out. I want to switch them from post to dangly. I'm sure Pinterest has something on that!

(granted this post is a little jumpy)

They finally got one of our planes back with the new paint:

It's too red.  Way too red.  It's going to fade and then be pink or orange.  I had my input...Now it's named Clifford.  I'm sure when it fades it will be named Nip.  We aren't flying in this plane yet.  It's still getting things done to it that the FAA wants done and all our mechanics do.  Air Methods (our plane/pilot peeps) takes care of all that with a full time staff of A LOT of plane men.  I feel extremely safe, but this bad boy/girl is in the back of the hangar for who knows how long.  Rock Springs crew is in our loaner plane.  Sssk SSkkk.  That is my nickname for it.  It's tail number is 116SK.  Makes me think of Dane Cook comedy about loafers and crabs and dreams.  Ssssk  SSkk

We waited for an hour for a cab after we transported a patient to the U.  That is not very glamorous.  Then just before takeoff we were heading to the runway and 2 F-16's took off.  They are very loud and super fast.    It was great to watch!!  Following that kinda show makes us feel very very SLOW!

View from take off:

Looks shiny, like it's snowing.   Love it.  

Home (The Rock) just in time:

I finally ran hills tonight.  I found a not so steep hill and planned 4 sets of 400's up it as fast as I could.  Then i would walk a minute then jog back to the start.  Beautiful night, nice and cool:

Love the reddish sky. It seems Rocks Springs sunsets are a little more red then elsewhere.  Either that or it's the smoke from all the fires.    The hill looks pretty good eh?  View from the top. 

So I did it:

I forgot my Garmin so I used Mapmyrun, which is great, but it doesn't auto-stop when I stop and so the times aren't accurate as far as I'm concerned.  I tried pausing it while I waited for the lights, but I didn't do it, twice.  Once was while I was taking a picture.  From what I can tell I did the hills around 9 min miles.  

After my last hill I walked 1 minutes then ran it back to my car.  I was going at a pretty good clip and felt great until the last .20 miles.  I pushed it and by the time I got to the car i was pretty out of breath.  Then I almost puked  First time. ever. from a run.  Maybe I ate the pre-run apple too soon before the run.   Not sure.  I didn't puke and I never want to after a run.  I hate puking.  Feeling passed after a couple of minutes and I made it back to the apartment.  

What a day!  Now to sleep........

Blog on.............

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  1. I once puked for 24 hours at Wasatch 100. I dropped out after 75 miles. I kind of felt like that was enough puking for one day and I just wanted to go home and rest. Go figure. I don't puke anymore. Zofran, Reglan, black coffee, and no more maltodextrin are my new weapons in the war against puking while running.