Monday, June 25, 2012

Island Park, running & new tank

I totally forgot to take a picture of the outside of the cabin. My husband was ready and packed to leave before I even got out of my jammies, which is about par - so I feel a little hurried. Not that it's his fault, but I'm good to blame him, right?
I have totally slacked on eating healthy and running the past week. I believe that I didn't recover from the Ragnar enough before I jumped right back in. I should have taken a week off just for the stress of being up two days and running. I slept for about 15 hours a day the last few days. So today I finally planned a run. Not super long but not a short run. I planned to run from the cabin to Big Springs and back. According to google maps it was 8.4 miles, perfect. I slathered myself in sunscreen AND bug spray - those Mosquitos are loving me! (must be all the bacon)
Well, it turned out to be about nine miles and it was OK. Slow but not torture - close. Finished that run and cooled down a bit, showered and left.

Tonight I have Jumpboard class. My bad.

Check out my new tank. I got it from Kohls and I love it! So comfy!

Blog on.....

It's hard to get a pic showing my whole shirt.  Even my arms aren't that long.

Pictures on the drive out of Island Park.  Pretty Lame pics.  Talk about lazy.  

Blog on..................

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