Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cabin annual cleaning festivas 2012

Six months ago I volunteered to be "in charge" of the family cabin in Island Park Idaho. It's been a bit frustrating because I'm sure my dad wants to stop putting so much time on it (he says he is too old) but giving up control for my sweet type A dad hasn't been easy. I think after a year I'll get a better feel for it and it will be a lot more streamlined. Family keeps going to my dad, which takes me out of the loop and then I'm clueless.
But, that is not the point of this post. This week a bunch of us went to the cabin and working off a list I compiled, we have been working on yearly upkeep. Matt and I got here late (Daniels graduation) so we were left with mostly cleaning.
It has definitely been a fun time of finding quirky things we have and memories of about 28 years of fun at the cabin. I found toys I has set aside for my kids, dishes that were a blast from the 70s and reminders of my mom coming from the depression and daughter of farmers. Expiration dates on food that is over 10 years old were the cut off for the trash can. I feel pretty dang lucky to have had such a great place to come in the summer and winter and spend time with my family! Tomorrow I'll take some pics of the outside.

What is it?  YES - bread.  nasty.

Toys that I had set aside for my kids.  I am bringing them home because of the memories.  Plus, that firetruck is AWESOME!!  The train in front was given to Austin by his Granny.  

"Doesn't take crap off anything!!"

Pond's Lodge Bar.  It's been morphing from a hometown bar into a hoity toity bar the last 2 years.  It's very nice - but it was always a blast to have the SuperBowl there.  Pot luck.  Food on the pool table.  They don't even have a pool table any more.  Lots of TV's though!  

Chillin on the couch.

Hot date with my "crack".

The shelf paper.  Blast from the past baby.  The next cabin discussion will include the possibility of getting it all pulled off.
All cleaned and stacked up.  I took this picture so I could remember what that looks like.  So many cooks in the kitchen over the year and it's tough to keep it organized.

Matt and I were trying to guess how old this was.  There is no expiration date.  How long have they been using expiration dates??  It smelled a little "off" and was half gone, so it went the way of the trash can.  

Good times and not too much work.  The cabin is looking pretty darn nice.  I need to go up more - it's really a treat!

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