Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today Daniel graduated from high school! He is a year early, finally the system has something in place for non-traditional students who don't get a big kick out of high school. His girlfriend, Haley graduated with him and she graduated outstanding by scoring over 600 on her GED.
Bill was able to make it and we went to LaPuente/LaFuente/LaFountain for lunch after. Thanks for lunch Bill!
I am so proud and excited for these kids. They seem to encourage good in each other and that is awesome to see.

Blog on........(coming to you from the road - lets see how this blogger app works. No, I am not driving. )
Haley, Bill, Daniel and Sami.

Me (I actually straightened my hair, but it was looking sad after two hours of oppressing heat!!), Daniel, Haley and Sami.
Daniel and Haley!  So proud of them!

Blog on................

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