Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chicago Radiohead

For Daniels birthday this year I got tickets to Radio Head at Tinley Park, Illinois.  Daniel loves the band and they sold out all over the country.  When I heard they were opening new venues, I set my phone alarm and bought us two tickets.  I also bought the VIP Parking, drinks and bathroom package too. Never regretted that!    Buying the concert tickets was the easiest part of the whole trip.  We have always been able to get around the country with miles and points, etc. But this time there was so many restrictions it was completely insane.  The travel industry is just not getting my vote this year.  Guess I'll be driving places!

So Daniel and I left on Saturday, June 9th to fly into Chicago O'hare airport and rent a car.  

 Of course on the plane I had to bring my own snack.  Coffee courtesy of Delta, but the Nut-rition package was mine.  I love these little nut snacks.  Perfect for travel and perfectly Paleo!   

I was pretty nervous about driving into Chicago, especially since I had never been there and I was very unfamiliar with any part of town.  The drive in was a beast - but I heard that is very common.  

Parking?  Well we had to make a few circles but I found a lot not too far from the park that was 6 bucks until midnight.  Woot Woot!!  We locked things up and headed for the "Blues Festival".  

 This was a group of kids that were no more then 14 that played a couple of different stages.  The Blues Festival was free and it was awesome!  Just being in the crowd and hearing the great talent was a great experience.  Daniel thought it was great too.

Then we watched this guy.  Sorry I forgot to write down names, but he was great.  Played the harmonica and sang.  Made for some head bobbing, that is for sure.  I just can't listen to it without moving at least a little bit. 

It was HOT and we were just off the plane in jeans and t-shirts.  Look at the crowd!  This was just one stage and they had at least 5 stages.  

 You can't go to a Blues Festival in downtown Chicago without trying something new.  Yes, we tried the "mustard fried catfish".  Good thing I have no idea how to make it or where to get it because I would eat it ALL the time.  SO delicious! Not sure it's completely Paleo - but I skipped the Peach Cobbler and that was a sacrifice in and of itself.

After we finished up there, we headed to Tinley Park and found our hotel.  It was nice, but kind of out of the way.  Thank GOD for iPhone and the GPS.  It saved my life during this trip.  We found everything we needed.   The Hotel beds were somehow extremely comfy and we settled down for the night.  

The next morning we found a breakfast place called, "Blackberry Pancakes".  This is an omelet.  It has 4 eggs in it and tons of deliciousness.  I have never been a fan of omelets, but I love this one.  Daniel got the same thing, an omelet - only a different type.  It was freaking wonderful.  We actually went there the next morning too before we headed into Chicago.

Driving to the concert.  See Daniels hand behind my head?  He's getting all butt hurt because I am driving and taking pictures.  I'm a professional!!  Just be quiet and get the picture over with then.  Plus - it was a great hair day!

Settled on the grass...delicious drink in hand.  

Windy of course, but very nice weather for the wait.  We arrived super early and so did 250 other people on the grass.  Our seats were OK though.

Tough to get good pictures.  I just had my iPhone and I should have brought my camera with a good zoom.  The music was awesome.  Daniel loved it!  

 Messy Messy Messy

Next day, ate at our favorite spot then headed back into Chicago.  

More driving pics!!  

We decided we had time before catching our plane back to SLC to check out the John Hancock Observatory.  Awesome.  Great timing too.  No wait, lots of room.  Great views!

I had such a good time with Daniel.  Very easy going and fun to be with.  It wasn't a long trip but definitely worth every minute and penny.  
Of course, on the way back, we had to stand with the riff raff.  Don't they know that I know a Delta Crown Room member?  What kind of madness??

Here's to our next trip!  

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