Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Running? Running.

My plans for running yesterday were foiled by a beautiful flight to southern Utah and back up to SLC and then back to Rocks Springs.  I was planning a hill training session at 815pm - since that is the time the pilots time out and I'm less likely to get a call - but alas, I was called to serve.  It was a great flight, the patient needed to be transported and it was beautiful although a little bumpy.  

Pulling out the plane...sssk..ssskk.
(Reminds me of the Dane Cook comedy where he talks about his dream about being a crab and makes that sound - "sssk sssk".  

Landing in SLC.  The sun was just setting and the temperature was perfect.  A little windy - but fantastic!

Luckily I was back to base and in bed, all charted, by 1am.  No flight through the night and I slept like a rock.  YEAH - that means a productive day today!! I got home by 2pm and I actually ran 3 miles, but just from the front door. It was slow too!  I stopped to tie my shoes and usually my Garmin stops when I stop but the clock kept going!  I know I did it in less then 10 min/miles - but then again - 10 min/miles have been my goal for years!  Now it is 9 min/miles.  Giggity Giggity!
Then I went to a Pilate's class.  My hammies cramped over and over - but I did get a good workout!  I may do the first leg of the Salt Lake half marathon relay with Tera and Nicole and it is UPHILL.  I drove past it today, but I think I can do it.  I have two months to train for 4 miles uphill.  

The next two days will prove tough to get a workout in.  Teaching ACLS, Def Leppard concert, work staff meeting.....I'm busy and I know it!

PS.  Tera gave me a gift certificate for Lululemon for my Birthday!  WATCH OUT!  I'm going broke!!

Blog on.........

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